Bing – Your AI copilot 25.0.41042530 APK Download Microsoft Corporation


Introducing the new Bing, your AI-powered copilot for the web.
The new Bing is like having a research assistant, personal planner, and creative partner at your side when you search the web – thanks to the power of AI (artificial intelligence).

Bing takes the next generation of technology that made ChatGPT possible and combines it with the deep knowledge base of Bing search. The combination of next-gen ChatGPT technology with Bing delivers reliable, up-to-date results and complete, cited answers to your questions; it can also take your ideas and write drafts for you to consider and build upon. Want to make the conversations more personal? Use chat and voice search for more suggestions.
• Beyond generating a list of relevant links, Bing uses AI to consolidate reliable sources across the web to give you a single, summarized answer.
• Search the way you talk, text, and think. Bing takes your complex searches and shares back a detailed response in chat.
• In the chat experience, you can chat naturally and ask follow-up questions to your initial search to get detailed replies.
• You can use Bing as a creative tool. With the power of AI – Bing can help you write poems, stories, or even share ideas for a project .

With this set of AI-powered features, you can:
• Ask your actual question. When you ask complex questions, Bing gives you detailed replies in chat.
• Get an actual answer. Bing looks at search results across the web to offer you a summarized answer in chat.
• Be creative. When you need a creative spark, Bing can help you write poems and stories in your chat.
• Get inspired. Whether it’s an email or meal plan, supply your ideas and prompts and Bing will write a draft for you to build upon.
• In the chat experience, you can also ask follow-up questions such as, “can you explain that in simpler terms,” or, “give me more options” to get different and even more detailed answers in your search.
• Ask questions as if you were chatting to a person. This means including details, asking for clarification or more information, and telling Bing how it can be more helpful to you. Here’s an example: “I’m planning a trip with my friends in September. What beaches are within a 3-hour flight from London Heathrow?” Then follow up with something like, “What should we do when we get there?”
• Ask directly for tips on how to chat interact with Bing. Try things like, “What can you do?” “Can you help me with X?” Bing will let you know when there’s something it can’t help with.

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The new Bing is a culmination of four experiences:

1. Faster, more accurate, more capable. The new Bing runs on a next-generation OpenAI large language model. This new language model is more powerful than ChatGPT and customized for search.

2. More relevant, timely, targeted results – all with improved safety. Microsoft Prometheus Model. Our proprietary technology – the Microsoft Prometheus Model – is a collection of capabilities that best leverages the power of OpenAI.

3. More accuracy, more relevancy. You’ll experience the largest jump in relevance of search queries in two decades. This is thanks to the addition of the new AI model to our core Bing search ranking engine.

4. Unified search, browse and chat. You’ll love how we’ve reimagined your entire experience of interacting with the web.

Bing - Your AI copilot 25.0.41042530 APK Download Microsoft Corporation Download