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DamonPS2 PRO APK 5.0Pre2 Download for Android Download

The emulator is an application that allows you to run a system outside or inside another host system you are using, just like when you run Playstation games. And when it comes to the best emulator for Android, it’s impossible not to mention Damon PS2 Pro. This is the application that received the highest rating among SP2 emulator applications, with the advantage of being fast and efficient. Now, Together with Maxdroid find out together what attractive Damon PS2 Pro has!

What is the Damon PS2 Pro App?

As introduced above, Damon PS2 Pro is a PS2 emulator where you will play most PS2 games right on your smartphone. In addition, Damon PS2 Pro also allows PS2 to work more smoothly on Android phones. Due to the difference in hardware, there will be some minor errors when playing the game, but it does not affect the user experience.

Damon PS2 Pro also provides users with many powerful tools to play games more easily and stably. Although it will have to handle a huge amount of work, it will not cause interruptions or cause you to clean up. The application can also adjust the default settings for the best.

What outstanding features does Damon PS2 Pro have?

When using Damon PS2 Pro, you will surely be surprised with a lot of great features that are not available in any other application. In particular, with the Pro version, you will be able to unlock and use more than 40 advanced features. Moreover, you can play games faster and easier. And here are the most outstanding features of Damon PS2 Pro:

First, when using Damon PS2 Pro, you can play most PS2 games right on your Android phone. Despite the difference in hardware, the Damon PS2 Pro will make up for that shortfall. For example, it can support to achieve frame rates up to 60 frames per second.

PS2 games were released a long time ago, so their graphics quality is often low when viewed on mobile devices. Therefore, it can affect the game experience. But you don’t need to worry if you use Damon PS2 Pro. Because it can improve the graphics quality of the game easily. Specifically, it can increase the image quality up to 5 times thanks to the rendering resolution function, or improve the game speed, allowing 60 frames per second…


Another outstanding feature of the Damon PS2 Pro is the virtual key. Usually, gamers will not feel comfortable with these virtual keys, because they are not real. However, in Damon PS2 Pro, they can be connected to gamepads. However, it only supports the standard Android gamepad. As for other gamepads like Xbox One, Xbox 360…, it’s still not supported. When using Damon PS2 Pro, you can customize these buttons by setting up key combinations. Currently, there are 4 positions you can change, but also note that you can still play the game without this gamepad.

In addition, Damon PS2 Pro also supports players with a few other attractive features such as:

·        Save game progress on SDCard: When you play games on Damon PS2 Pro, the application will automatically save game progress. Therefore, you can easily access the backup files to delete or share with others. This saving also helps players can back upright on the new device.

·        Cheat Code Support: This is an indispensable part when you play PS2, and it was created by programmers. When you press the correct key combination, you can change some features of the game. For example, b. will be immortal, unlock everything, unlimited resources… In this way, players can cheat most of their favorite games.

·        No Ads: Ads are an integral part of free apps. Therefore, when you use the Pro version, all ads will be removed.


How to download and install Damon PS2 Pro?

As you know, if you want to download Damon PS2 Pro from Google play, you will have to pay a fee. And if it costs you, see how to download it completely free below. This is Damon PS2 Pro mod apk version for mobile phones, so it will ensure absolute safety for your device. Best of all, it’s completely free. To install the application, follow these steps:

·        Download all the files below

·        Install apk files like other apps.

·        Look in the download section, find and extract the zip file

·        And open the Damon PS2 Pro app, go to the Bio tab, browse to the folder you just extracted.

·        Finally, select the appropriate BIO file and you’re done.


With the above information, we can see that Damon PS2 Pro is one of the best applications to help you play SP2 games on Android. Although the price is quite high on google play, it is totally worth it. If you are looking for a way to use Damon PS2 Pro for free, download Damon PS2 Pro mod apk to your device and experience it right away!

DamonPS2 PRO APK 5.0Pre2 Download for Android Download
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