Disney Plus MOD APK 2.15.3-rc5 (Premium Active/Free Ads)

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Disney Plus MOD APK 2.15.3-rc5 (Premium Active/Free Ads) Download

Walt Disney has launched a new service called Disney+. It is considered a formidable competitor of Netflix, Thop TV, and Hulu… Disney+ has a stock of movies from famous studios such as Disney, Marvel, and Pixar…, or favorite and exclusive shows. In addition, there are many interesting things included in Disney Plus. Let’s MAXDROID find out through this article!

What is Disney+?

Disney+ is an online movie and video streaming service. It contains no ads and it will focus mainly on family entertainment. However, this is an app for which there is a fee. The content is mainly movies, TV shows, or self-produced films related to two famous movie franchises, Star Wars, and Marvel. These are the two filmmaking franchises that have brought in huge revenue for Disney in recent years.

With Disney plus, you can watch movies with a variety of themes: Classics, animation, newly released movies, and original content.

Disney+ is developed by the Walt Disney Company, which is the largest entertainment and multimedia corporation in the world. After Disney+ was launched, it was quickly available on the Google Play app store for Android. And now, it has reached over 100 million downloads with a very good rating of 4.5 points out of 5. This is a very high score for an app.

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How much does it cost to use Disney+?

As mentioned above, Disney+ is a paid application, and this fee will depend on different geographical regions. In the US, for example, users will have to pay a fee of 6.99 USD per month. In Canada and Australia, the fee is 8.99 USD per month. In the Netherlands, it’s 7 Euros…

Disney+ allows one account to use up to 7 different devices. They have the ability to play 4 devices at the same time and download content for unlimited offline viewing. This price is too cheap, isn’t it?

What interesting content does Disney+ have?

With Disney plus, you have access to more than 7,500 TV episodes, 400 old movies as well as 100 theatrical releases. All content will come from Disney, Marvel Studios, Pixar, Fox, National Geographic, and Lucasfilm.

TV shows: with Disney+, you will be able to watch many famous TV shows in the world such as Andi Mack, Boy Meets World, Amazing Planet, Dog Whisperer…, and many more. And in Disney+, you won’t have to sit by the TV, you just need a smartphone to watch reality TV shows anywhere.

Popular movie series:

If you are looking to get access to famous movie brands in the world, Disney+ is the app for you. Disney+ gathers classic movies such as:

Dramatic action movies: Love, Simon, The Series, Diary Of a Female President, The Musical…

Attractive TV series: Loki, Hawkeye, Wanda Vision, Star Wars…

The hit series: SparkShorts, Monsters at Work, or Chip and Dale…

 Documentaries and Fiction: A 65-Year History of Walt Disney, Be Our Chef, Encore…

An attractive feature of Disney+

4K resolution, HDR along with 7.1 sound: It will deliver blockbusters and exciting movies. Many attractive features will help more people love Disney+. And the app will also tell you how many movies are on the waiting list. This helps you not to miss any interesting movies.

You can download and watch movies without ads: You often get annoyed when the movie you are watching is interrupted. This is the common feeling of many people, so Disney+ has removed all ads from this application. Moreover, it also allows users to download their favorite movies for offline viewing. Therefore, you can watch your favorite movies even on a picnic or anywhere you like.

Disney+for Android

Watch family movies: This is probably the most interesting feature of Disney+ because it allows 1 account to use up to 7 different devices and stream on 4 devices. When playing up to 4 such devices, it will be of great help to users. For example, if someone wants to log out, it will not affect other people watching. Or when one device is playing a movie but someone else wants to watch it, it doesn’t cause interruptions either.

Disney+ version mod apk

With the Disney mod apk version, you can watch all movies available on Disney+ completely free, with no need to log in, and no device or country restrictions. Along with that, the image quality reaches 4K. Disney mod apk version will have features such as:

No account is needed, no country restrictions.

Achieve quality from HD to 4K, subtitles from 250 languages.


Through the above information, we can see that Disney + is a great application for enjoying good movies or attractive TV shows. If you want to enjoy this application without any cost, you can use the Disney+ mod apk version. Please download and experience it right away so as not to miss any good movies. Thanks for visiting Maxdroid, and have a fun game.

Disney Plus MOD APK 2.15.3-rc5 (Premium Active/Free Ads) Download
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