FMWhatsApp APK Download (Official) Latest Version April 2022

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FM WhatsApp is one of the great Mod apps of WhatsApp. It was developed by the Fouad group. You can see one of their other Mod apps which is Fouad WhatsApp. With FM WhatsApp, you will also experience a messaging and chatting application with many modified features. You may have noticed that FM WhatsApp is quite similar to YoWhatsApp. They all use the same source code. But FM WhatsApp added some improved features for each Mod version. The users will have to choose for themselves their interesting features. We would like to share with everyone all the best and show you how to install it on your device. Let’s go to FM WhatsApp for Android phones!

FMWhatsApp Apk for Android phones

Overall, WhatsApp FM is built based on data sources from YoWhatsApp. It will allow users to work more with the original WhatsApp Apk. Most people will know this about the Mod versions of WhatsApp. FM WhatsApp has overcome some disadvantages in its previous version – Fouad Whatsapp. It will support you on some devices that Fouad Whatsapp does not support such as Samsung S5, S6, S7, S8 and Note 4, Note 5, Note 7. FM WhatsApp Apk comes with 2 variations that are with Emoji and non-Emoji. You can choose one of these versions depending on whether you are interested in Emoji or not. In this article, we would like to share with you the app’s key features. Let’s go to see some things interesting in FM WhatsApp Apk!

Key features and characteristics of FMWhatsApp

Maybe some people will know these features if they used to use YoWhatsapp. However, there will be some more interesting features that you can enjoy inside FM WhatsApp.

1, Privacy: In this section, you can have more settings to make your conversation more private and secure. With the abundant features inside, you can easily use them. Menu> Fouad Settings> Privacy to check features including:

  • Freeze latest seen
  • Disable Forwarded
  • Who can call me?
  • Hide view status
  • Anti-Delete status
  • Anti-Delete Messages
  • Show blue ticks after reply
  • Contacts
  • Groups
  • Broadcast

2, YoThem: This feature in FM WhatsApp will be quite similar to many other Mod versions. You can view and download a variety of pre-designed chat interfaces with unique colors and designs. It will make your conversation more attractive.

3, Updates: You can easily update this application without any supporting tools. You will easily download new features of the application. If you find this update difficult, you can pin this article. We will constantly update the latest versions of FM WhatsApp here.

4, Emoji: Another great feature of FM WhatsApp is that it allows users to use the Emoji of many other social networks. You can add them to your conversation to make things more interesting. Menu> Settings> Universal> Mods> Emoji Variant.

5, Many customizations: With WhatsApp FM, you can see some items like Universal, Home Screen, Conversation Screen, Floating action button… Each item will have custom colors and styles for users to choose from and customize. You can change colors, navigation bars, typefaces, symbols…

6, Other features: Here are some interesting features of FM WhatsApp that you may also be interested as below:

  • Password: You can set a lock with a password, fingerprint or question to make sure everything is safe.
  • Data transfer: Share most data files with others. You will be able to download photos up to 18 MB and 700 MB videos.
  • Hide Media from Gallary: Hide things you don’t want to see in image, video and GIF conversations.

FM WhatsApp for Android

Download, backup and install FMWhatsApp for Android phones

We will start on how to use FM WhatsApp and backup your chats into this app. If you already understand this work, you can skip this section. Let’s start now.

To back up your conversation from WhatsApp, open the app, Menu> Chats> Chat backup> Back Up. You will receive a file, which will be automatically saved to your memory card or device.

Step 1: Download the FM WhatsApp Apk file at our link below. You will probably have to agree to download and install the application at an unknown source. You can go to Settings> Security> Unknown sources.

Step 2: Start clicking on the FM WhatsApp file Apk to start the installation process. Please wait a bit for this process to complete.

Step 3: Open the FM WhatsApp application. If you have a backup conversation, click Copy WhatsApp Data. Then, select the file that you backed up in the device and start the backup process. If you do not have your conversation, you can enter the phone number and start using the application right away.


We offer official FM WhatsApp Apk so you can download it quickly. Now, you can choose FM WhatsApp as your main app for the phone. To evaluate the features of each different Mod version of WhatsApp, you will need to use and feel them one by one. We will provide most of the Mod Apps of WhatsApp. You can check and download them on our Maxdroid. Thank you very much!

FMWhatsApp APK Download (Official) Latest Version April 2022 Download
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