GBWhatsApp APK 19.00.0 Download (Anti-Ban) Latest Version

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GBWhatsApp APK 19.00.0 Download (Anti-Ban) Latest Version Download

Nowadays, connecting and keeping in touch is very important to people. You will need the phone to keep in touch with relatives, friends, colleagues… In which, you can use the messages or calls. The only two basic features of voice filling are sometimes not enough to meet the user’s requirements. So there are many applications supporting this kind of communication. You can easily find these apps in the app store. Today, we would like to give you the best and nearly earliest application on mobile devices. It is GBWhatsapp. This application will bring in useful and attractive features that allow users to communicate with each other easily. If you have an Android phone, the GBWhatsapp app is a good idea that you should not miss.

What is GBWhatsapp?

Surely, many people have heard of or have been using the WhatsApp Messenger application provided by WhatsApp Inc. developer. This attractive application was launched very early, in 2009. Now, it has over 1 billion installed. GBWhatsapp is exactly the same as Whatsapp, but it has been reworked with many new and unique features from the creator of GBWhatsapp. This application brings better features than the original version, but many people may not even know it. Let’s find out why GBWhatsapp is so good! It is very safe for your Android device.

GBWhatsapp allows users to make video calls and enjoy many other interesting features within the app. You can pin this article and keep up to date with the latest versions of GBWhatsapp APK with more great features. Along with GBWhatsapp, you can also use many of Whatsapp’s other modified applications like Whatsapp Plus on the same device. Many users love to be able to use many versions with interesting features at the same time. Surely, you will also love this great app.

GBWhatsApp for Android

Key features of GBWhatsapp

GBWhatsapp Apk has a lot of interesting features that make users be attracted. Since you used the app, it has become one of the top applications for your Android phones. I will cover some of the top features of this app. You can install it to enjoy those features as well as discover more cool features. Check out these features based on the latest update GBWhatsapp APK v6.8.1 as below:

Checking the recovered message history from contacts/groups. In this feature, you can receive notifications of revoked messages. In which, you can get a lot of messages at the same time.

  • Changing the visibility of device contacts.
  • Invite friends to use GBWhatsapp.
  • Mark messages read from the notification.
  • Select all conversations from the main screen.
  • Play a video of GBWhatsapp with your music player.
  • More payment options so you can pay for friends through your bank account.
  • Set auto-reply message when you are busy, and add or remove automatic reply addresses.
  • Support for multiple emoticons, Emojis, GIFs, etc
  • Enable DND mode in Whatsapp to disable the Internet connection of GBWhatsapp.
  • You can filter messages, Anti-Revoke messages.
  • Share location with your friends.
  • Add picture and video effects when sending messages. In which, you can send videos up to 50 MB and 90 photos at once.
  • Send multiple documents at once with up to 100.
  • Schedules messages from the Message Scheduler Inbuilt.
  • Send up to 600 people at the same time.
  • You can set the status to 255 characters.
  • Supports 100 different languages.
  • Installed with the original Whatsapp application without conflict.
  • Remove all ads and windows from GBWhatsapp.
  • Add push notifications for app updates.
  • Fix Backup & Restore errors
  • And many more…

GBWhatsApp Security: GBWhatsApp has more security features to give you insurance, in which you can control everything so that your communication will be more interesting.

  • Turn of the online: The users can hide their online status. Instead, it will be displayed offline. Then you can use GBWhatsApp freely.
  • Hide Blue Ticks: The users can hide blue tracks when you read messages, which will help you solve a lot of complex things in the conversation. You will not need to immediately answer everything.
  • Hide the second time marking: The users can hide the second track for contacts and groups while you send the message.
  • Hiding a bookmark texting: The users can hide the bookmark for contacts and groups while you enter a message.
    Hide recording status: You can hide the status for contacts and groups while you record your voice.
  • Hide Blue Microphone: The users can hide the Blue Microphone for contacts and groups even when you open the voice.
  • Hide view status: The user can hide view status for contacts. Your name will not appear if you have seen the status.

GBWhatsApp for Android

Install GBWhatsApp without losing the previous conversations

Installing GBWhatsApp on Android devices is not too complicated, but to ensure that your communication is not disconnected, you can follow our steps to install this app. :

1, Download this app with the APK file at the bottom link

Note: If you want to back up your conversations, go to the Settings/Chats/Backup folder

2, Go to your settings and click on Settings/Security/Unknown Sources.

3, Go back to the download file and click the GBWhatsApp APK file to install the application.

4, Open GBWhatsApp and agree to terms as well as rights.

5, Enter your phone number and get a verification code then you enter the verification code to get started.

6, If you have a backup, you can click restore the last backup and wait a bit for the process to run.

7, Enter a name and select your profile picture to start the application.


GBWhatsApp is an application only available on the Android phone. We will introduce you to many other great applications in the next article and also on our website. Please follow our site named Maxdroid regularly to update more interesting games. Do not forget to leave your review on this app. Thanks and have a good time with the app!

GBWhatsApp APK 19.00.0 Download (Anti-Ban) Latest Version Download
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