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GPS, Maps and Traffic APK for Android Download

This is a social map app for drivers. Google Maps may be the king of mobile map applications. However, Waze – GPS, Maps, and Traffic provide features focused on the drivers that are not available in Google Maps. If you have to drive a lot, you may find Waze a lot better than Google Maps. This is the reason why so many drivers today choose this app when driving.

Application overview

Waze provides real-time routing and traffic updates. Waze can also locate the cheapest fuel station near the user or along their route, as long as Waze activates the fuel price for that country. Waze can be used anywhere in the world but it requires enough initial users. This is to create a map and constantly update the data to make it useful.

Waze provides turn-by-turn voice navigation, real-time traffic, and other location-specific alerts. Waze encourages users to report hazards on the road, or traffic conditions where they are passing.

The social network for drivers

Although Maps is great for finding what’s around you. But Waze will focus on getting you to locations. Waze also has many features that are not available in Google Maps such as Danger warning on the road, police warning, speed camera, and point system. This driving app gives the user points to drive, and report things like police, traffic, and road hazards. You’ll also see icons of other Waze users around you.

Traffic alerts are Waze’s best feature because they are often more timely and relevant than traditional map services. Google Maps now integrates Waze traffic alerts, so the two will provide the same near real-time traffic alerts.

Waze - GPS, Maps and Traffic mod apk

Designed for cars

Using Waze is a pleasure. Large buttons make finding features super easy. Everything about the interface is just a little bigger than your normal application. This makes it easier to see information while driving.

To keep you from being distracted, Waze lets you wave your phone to activate its reporting feature. After activating the reporting feature, you can use voice commands to report what you see on the road. If waving fails, you get an option to use a three-finger touch anywhere on the screen to activate the reporting menu.

You can also lookup your favorite places and gas stations right inside Waze. The app works like your traditional hand-held navigation device and focuses on route-by-step navigation.

The application helps you get locations

If you want a navigation app that focuses on driving, it’s hard to ignore Waze. Google Maps is still great, but Waze’s control focus is hard to beat. You don’t have to be on social media to get the most out of the app, you just need to enter your destination and drive.

Waze - GPS, Maps and Traffic mod apk

See friends that are driving to your destination. Send a pickup request to grab anyone’s location and navigate to them. Share your tracks by sending live maps of your route to anyone you want.


In addition to using community source information for traffic alerts, Waze also allows registered users to manually modify map data through the Waze Map Editor. Map editors are allowed to make changes to the map based on where they drove while using Waze, as well as their ranking based on the number of map edits they’ve made.

It can be said that Waze – GPS, Maps, and Traffic application is one of the top applications for traffic directions. A great app for drivers. If you have never used this application, download it right now to have an enjoyable experience on your driving journey! Thanks for visiting Maxdroid, and have a nice day.

GPS, Maps and Traffic APK for Android Download
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