LOVOO APK 125.1 for Android


LOVOO APK 125.1 for Android Download

Lovoo is a very popular dating social app. With over 60 million active users, it has a reputation for creating a fun and productive user experience. Its “Match” feature is a modern and innovative way of the swipe game found in many other dating apps.

Lovoo is one of the most popular and highest-rated apps for singles to meet. The strength of this app is its simple and intuitive user interface, as well as a wide variety of functions. By accessing the location of your mobile device, the application will be able to show you the profiles of other app users living in your city.

The app also allows you to initiate a conversation with other users. But in order to converse, the two had to show their appreciation for each other.

The Lovoo app is free, but there are some limitations to its functionality. You can only unlock this app by subscribing to the program. Other features of the paid version in this app include the ability to send multiple IceBreakers per day.

Register Service

To use Loovo, you must first register with the service to create your user profile. You can perform this procedure directly on the main application screen by pressing the “Register” button. At the same time, it will indicate if you want to register by linking your Facebook profile with Google.

Or if you want to subscribe using a different email address. In this particular case, click on “Sign Up” with your email address. Enter your email address to register and click on the button “Venga”.

Once you’ve chosen to sign up with an email address, you’ll have to manually complete your profile. Upload a photo and show some of your personal information, such as your date of birth and gender. Then click “Finish”.

Activate GPS

Once you have signed up for the service, in addition to customizing your profile, you will have to activate the GPS of your smartphone. This lets Lovoo help you organize new meetings in the city where you live. Then press the button “Find nearby people”, activate the location, and allow the app to access when prompted.

Explore other people’s profiles

To start exploring the profiles of people near you, click the “Near You” button in the “Guests” section. You can also view the list of users by touching their profile pictures. See more of their details on their profile page. You can also vote on recommended people’s cards.

You have three main buttons: The first one has a corazón icon, allowing you to express a positive opinion toward the displayed user. The second button has an X icon to indicate that the person is not interesting, depending on your preference. The third button is the button with the icon notification, by tapping on it, you can use the Icebreaker tool.

In fact, you’ll have the ability to contact users with a personalized message. However, these messages have a time limit. Therefore, you need to write a message quickly, but it still has to be compelling enough to get that person’s attention.


Rate and customize

Before entering a rating, you can tap the user’s profile picture by scrolling down. Also, you can view other captured images if available. In addition, by pressing the button “Details”, you can read the profile of the user in question. Then decide to enter ratings.

If you want to customize the search for people, please press the button “Near you” again, then tap the gear icon “What did you find” on the top right. In this way, you can activate some filters. Also indicate some parameters relevant to your search configuration. For example, it can indicate whether you are looking for a male or female, their minimum and maximum ages.

Limitations due to not uploading profile photos

According to Lovoo’s terms of service, the only restriction that applies to the Match game occurs when you run out of credit for that day, or when you don’t upload a photo to your profile.

If you do not have a profile photo, even if you have a VIP membership, you will not be able to use the “Match” feature. The reason they do this is that the game is a game of reciprocity. That means you can rate other members by swiping right or left. You must also allow other members to rate you. And this is usually based on visualization, so you obviously need to have a photo.

If you recently changed your profile photo, try restarting the app. When the application is updated, notifications will appear. This message indicates that some of its features are not working properly until you restart.


Limit due to out of credit

If the limit is due to out of credit. Remember that you can buy 300 and 550 block credits with prices starting at $ 3.99. To avoid running out of credit entirely, you can also purchase a monthly or annual membership offered by Lovoo.


Lovoo is rated as one of the most interesting dating game apps today. If you have never played this game genre, you should download this game to experience it right now. We believe you will have a good time playing this game! Visit our Maxdroid regularly to discover more cool games and download games mods and apps for android now!  Thanks, have a nice day.! 

LOVOO APK 125.1 for Android Download
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