PSP emulator APK 1.14.4 for Android


PSP emulator APK 1.14.4 for Android Download

PSP along with PS systems is an indispensable part of the childhood of the vast majority of 9x gamers. However, now, the PSP system is no longer so popular on the market, making gamers extremely nostalgic. And for this reason, the PPSSPP PSP emulator was born, helping those who want to relive the feelings of childhood can “be young” again. Let’s explore this application through our post below!

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About PPSSPP PSP emulator

PPSSPP PSP emulator APK is the best PSP (PlayStation Portable) emulator for Android. Google Play offers it for $3.98 but at the moment the app is free to download.

The internet hasn’t really been popular since the 2000s, so games aren’t as diverse as they are today. They are mostly built into arcade boxes and handheld devices. PSP is one such device. They are pioneers in this field. When released, Sony sold millions of products in the first week. Today, they are still popular, but it’s inconvenient because we have to carry them everywhere. The idea of integrating a PSP emulator on mobile phones has been launched and quickly reached users. Exactly what I am talking about is the PPSSPP PSP emulator. Check out what this emulator app has that makes it so attractive. 

The best PSP emulator for Android

PPSSPP PSP emulator can run most games ever released on Sony’s PSP. This app is refactoring the Console, using the chip in your device to launch and handle should achieve significant performance. Even low-spec devices can still deliver a smooth experience. Why is that? The reason is that the PPSSPP PSP emulator supports the installer so you can do the optimal settings.

A game with lag may be caused by your phone’s configuration not being able to meet the game’s requirements. Y You can turn on rendering mode in combination with caching to increase speed, disable the Insert Objects and Effects emulation option, and reduce the resolution for better performance.


As for the controller, you can see all the function buttons of the PSP, including the Dpad up/down/left/right buttons, an analog button, two left and right shoulder buttons, and X, O, square, and triangle buttons. They are located at the bottom of the screen. You can also customize to hide, move, or set the keys to create the combo you want.

Extremely rich game store

When you download this application, it is completely empty and does not contain any games. As you can see from the homepage interface, there are a lot of lists of files in your storage, skip it and go to the Homebrew And Demo tab to access the storage system. There you will find many games, from Cave Story, Battlegrounds 3, Mega Drops, or Attack of the Mutants. These are all games that can be considered legendary on Sony devices.

But not much, it’s just a tip because Henrik Rydgård only stores some of the most popular versions. He provides instructions for downloading PSP game files from an external source and then putting them in the path to the /PSP/GAME folder. In this case, you must also change the format manually if they are not already in. ISO or.CSO format. In general, it’s pretty simple, and the app will easily recognize them to add them to your game list.

Perfect data storage

Just like a real PSP, the PPSSPP PSP emulator supports saving data to mark the player’s experience. If you’re lying on the sofa for fun but your mom asks you to cook, you can click the menu tab, select “Save Game” and continue playing the game at another time of day.


The application supports five data sheets for each respective game. You can overwrite or delete them to create a new backup.

Upgraded graphics

In fact, the graphics on the PSP are only average because the games are designed to fit the small screen of the console device. So if you are now using a 6-inch smartphone or a 10-inch tablet, and are worried that the image will shatter like an egg falling to the ground, right? Your concern is understandable, but Henrik Rydgård has taken this case into account before and handled it extremely thoroughly.

Compared to regular PSP, the graphics on the PPSSPP PSP emulator have 5 times higher resolution. Besides the texture settings, texture filters and a variety of post-shading and display layout features to please even the most demanding people.

Of course, the graphics processing to improve quality will not be equal to designing them on the HD resolution from the beginning. But that is completely understandable and I think we can also support these efforts with a 5-star rating for the manufacturer. 

Download PPSSPP PSP emulator APK for Android

In fact, Henrik Rydgård released a free emulator before that. However, he also mentioned that it would not be supported in case of problems. But with the paid version of the PPSSPP PSP emulator, all problems are solved. Download the PPSSPP PSP emulator HERE!

PSP emulator APK 1.14.4 for Android Download
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