Send Anywhere MOD APK 23.0.0 (Premium Unlocked)

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Send Anywhere MOD APK 23.0.0 (Premium Unlocked) Download

Currently, it can be said that Android and iOS are the two largest and most popular operating systems. Therefore, people want to find an application that can share data connections between these two operating systems easily. However, those who use these two operating systems all know that it seems difficult to share data with each other. That causes great inconvenience to users. To assist you in the most convenient and fast way, Maxdroid will introduce an extremely handy app. Follow the article about Send Anywhere below for more ways to connect data between these two different operating systems.

Conditions to send files between 2 devices

To transmit data between devices, you must have 2 machines that have been installed APP Send Anywhere. If there is only one device to install the App, you will not be able to share data with this app. Note, you remember to choose the appropriate type of device and operating system according to each device to use it well.

During use, you need to make sure your device has an Internet connection to use the App. Turn on the network mode to send 3G, 4G, or WiFi data. To share files, you just need to access 2 Apps and open the App up. However, remember that you can send multiple files with different storage at each transmission. You just need to select which machine receives and which machine sends, then proceed with the App’s available sequence.

Send Anywhere (File Transfer) mod apk for Android

How to send data from your phone to PC with Send Anywhere

After that, make sure your device has installed Send Anywhere. From the phone, you open the Send Anywhere application icon. On the App homepage interface, the data item will split into multiple groups to help you easily search for the types of files you want to send such as photos, videos, audio, applications, contact, and file. Depending on the file format you want to send, its location will be sorted into the above groups.

Next, select the file you need to send by clicking on the small circle, one or more files depending on your needs. After selecting it, simply click the send button to receive a 6-character code, or confirm with a QR code.

Now, keep track of your computer. Turn on the Send Anywhere application, select the Receive button and proceed to enter the 6-character code that was sent to the phone, then go to the Input Key section and click the download icon next.

Finally, you just need to wait a moment to connect your phone to your computer, then the file will be successfully transferred. After sending it, the phone will report the message and the computer will finish the file download. To view the downloaded file on the computer, click Open Folder to know the stored location of the received files.

How to send files from your computer to your phone

On the computer, select Send Anywhere, and enter the Send feature to send data. The computer will guide you to the computer’s folder so you select the file and send it away. Similar to phones, on computers, you can also choose to send 1 or more files via an APP. After that, the computer screen will also show a code of 6 numbers and 1 QR code right next to it.

    You go to the phone, select the camera to use the camera on phone to scan the code, or enter 6 codes. Finally, you just need to press the download button.

Send Anywhere (File Transfer) mod apk for Android

Advantages of APP Send Anywhere

Once appreciated with the level of use, Send Anywhere is a close friend of phones and PCs to connect them together. It has helped devices that differ in the operating system to convert data quickly. So what does this app outperform? Here are some advantages of this application that we synthesize:

  • Send Anywhere can send everything between devices together. So you can try to send everything on the machine such as songs, music lists, images, movies … with full format differently in an unlimited way.
  • The file transfer rate is quite fast, and the transmission line is stable and faster than the download speed, so you can rest assured that it will not take a long time.
  • Convenient and flexible, so you can use it all the time, just do you use the device that has downloaded to this app. You do not need plugs to connect, so it simplifies the process of transmission of information, and you don’t have to carry a connection wire everywhere.
  • Also, you will not be limited to the number of files when you send and receive. Therefore, at the same time, you can send multiple files anytime and anywhere. Just have a connection, you will send it quickly.
  • In addition, the application publisher also invented the App platform to provide maximum convenience for users. Send Anywhere supports all models using different operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone, or PC platforms.
  • The interface of the App is simplified, but it is still full of user-friendly utilities. The file is divided into many categories, so it is easy to find and recognize the file.
  • Data recognition capability with only 2 Simple data validation features: Use code and QR Code
  • Lightweight application volume with less than 10MB size, so it will not cause weight to the phone while the transmission capacity is quite large.


Above is our article about the share data app Send Anywhere. Hopefully, you have found an application that can assist you when sharing information from 2 operating systems. Don’t hesitate anymore, download this convenient and preeminent application to experience right now!

Send Anywhere MOD APK 23.0.0 (Premium Unlocked) Download
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