Sharkee Browser Apk 1.0.23 for Android

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Sharkee Browser Apk 1.0.23 for Android Download

Not all movies or entertainment programs can be watched in Vietnam. Therefore, software and browsers were born to solve this problem. And one of the applications that we want to talk about in this post is Sharkee Browser. So what features does this browser have that are so popular, let’s check out with Maxdroid through the post below!

About Sharkee Browser

Sharkee Browser is a popular app in India, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka. This app allows you to get internet access to any website on any network or make cheap international access through wifi/LTE connection. And the best part is that it is not charged like other browser apps.

You can also use it as a browser to connect to other websites around the world. It uses your phone number paired with your contact list to provide easy access while using wifi for network entries.

The best thing about the app is the calling feature where you won’t be charged for every call made while on data or wifi, instead, it will only charge 1 cent per second. However, if you are using any calling plan, you will be charged for your calls.

You can invite your friends to use Sharkee Browser with you completely free of charge and make cheap international visits through wifi/LTE connection. Another thing is that it is a cross-platform app where Android, IOS, and Windows phone users can all enjoy the benefits of Sharkee Browser together.

What is Sharkee Browser APK?

Sharkee Browser APK is a paid internet access android app that allows you to make “border crossings” over your mobile data network. You can also connect to any website around the world via the internet to search for information, and watch videos without worrying about international roaming charges. It uses a wifi/LTE connection to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world.

So what does this App do? Sharkee browser supports you to access outside of Vietnam, multiple accounts on one device, supports quick comma separation gestures for easy dialing, quick switching between contact list history and contacts conversation list, and pre-made chats for quick use.

Sharkee Browser Apk

APK version of this app has unlimited internet access features where you won’t be charged every time you make a network entry, unlike other internet access apps where you need to pay money for clicks made.

Extremely useful feature

The best part is that it has a single contact format that allows you to add multiple phone numbers, email addresses, WhatsApp messaging IDs and even Facebook accounts to a single contact. You can also save voice notes both on the device and on the Sharkee server if you want.

Sharkee Browser is working on a very simple trick, this software uses your existing data connection (wifi/LTE) instead of doing real internet access over a 3G or 4G network through your direct service provider. It is very easy to use by just dialing the number from your android keyboard and then tapping the green button to make a call through wifi/LTE connection without any extra charges charged by your telecommunications service provider.

Notable points of Sharkee Browser

You can connect with any user, regardless of location to make cheap international calls via wifi/LTE connection. You can also create a ‘Chat Room’ by inviting your friends to chat with you. It allows you to video call people who have Sharkee Browser installed on iPhone and windows phones without incurring any charges incurred by their telecom service provider.

Sharkee Browser Apk

You can also group chat with your friends on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp, call to make cheap calls through wifi/LTE connection without 3G mobile data roaming charges or 4G.

Built-in and free VPN for users

Sharkee Browser protects your privacy, security, and identity. You don’t have to worry about the internet access you make over Wi-Fi/LTE to other countries because, in case of any dispute, Sharkee will be solely responsible to settle it with the help of an international dispute group.

Browser VPN only changes the WHOIS data of your IP address so that instead of showing you are from another country it will show your calls coming from that country to avoid being blacklisted black in countries like India and China where voice over wifi calling is illegal.

Download Sharkee Browser APK for Android

Sharkee Browser APK app is the best software for you to access banned websites. The best thing about this app is that anyone can try it out without paying for it. So what else do you hesitate? Download Sharkee Browser APK today and start using unlimited internet access on your Android.

Sharkee Browser Apk 1.0.23 for Android Download
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