ToonApp MOD APK 2.5.7 (Pro Unlocked)

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ToonApp MOD APK 2.5.7 (Pro Unlocked) Download

Thanks to the advancement of technology and art, photo editing is easier than ever. Many applications are born to help you sketch a portrait with different styles, and most of the work is thanks to artificial intelligence AI. From there, people can create new versions of themselves using only simple operations. And ToonApp is such an application. Let’s Maxdroid find out what is interesting about this application? And which of its features is more impressive than other apps of its kind?

About ToonApp

If you are a person who loves to draw cartoons, or you simply love humor and want to make everything around you come alive, using ToonApp will not disappoint you. This app will help you turn yourself into a cartoon character, and that also means you can turn your friends into cartoon characters in some way. Surely it will create excitement and fun for those around. And yet, with ToonApp, you will also be able to turn your photos into funny anime versions. Surely ToonApp will help you turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

What is ToonApp App?

ToonApp is a photography application that has the ability to turn any image into a cartoon with simple and effective operations. Not only that, you can choose any type of image you want to turn into. For example, turn yourself into a person with a small body, a big head, or a face with big and round eyes like Anime characters. And there are many different types that you can turn into.

Once you’ve edited your cartoon photo, you can share it on social networking sites easily. With just one Share button, you can post photos on popular social networking sites like Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Tik Tok… easily. And from there, surely your photos will become the focus of social networks. A lot of people will text you asking about how those cool photos were made.

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ToonApp has a spectacular Big head effect

Do you know what makes ToonApp famous in the photo editing world? That is thanks to the Cartoon genre, especially the style of drawing people with big heads and small people. In particular, you only need a few simple steps such as selecting an image and clicking on the Big Head Challenge option, and that’s it. And even more interesting, you can customize your head to be as big as you want. As long as it’s done, anyone can laugh. If in the old days, when you loved such a picture, you had to sit down and draw it. If you can’t draw, you have to ask to draw. But now you can become an artist with just one simple step.

ToonApp helps you to edit photos in any cartoon style

The next impressive point of this ToonApp is the integration of AI technology into the application. Therefore, it has the most complete and unique set of animated photo editing tools available. Many users have rated this as the top application in photo editing of the same genre. With ToonApp, you can choose any effect you like, and edit different high and low stats, thereby turning yourself or your friends into super cute cartoon characters in a few taps.

  • Bubbles: Create bubble effects for images.
  • Fading: Blur the background image.
  • Background Toon: Replace the wallpaper with Anime or Cartoons.
  • Color Brush: Change, and edit colors.
  • Anime Effect: Tool to convert images to Japanese Anime style.
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Magic Brush has a lot of fun but comes with a lot of stats that need tweaking. If you are a beginner or you don’t want to do much, you can set the default. That’s all, it’s beautiful enough. And when you get used to it and want to have more unique things, you can adjust the increase or decrease until you like it. And of course, it will save that edited information for later use. This is a very attractive feature, and best suited when you want to transform multiple images so that they have the same style and color but still have their own points.

What’s attractive in the Filter?

In addition to bringing you the built-in animated faces, there are also more artistic effects like oil paint, sketch, and even fully animated colors. Depending on your preferences, you can choose accordingly. The number of Filters is also constantly updated, so you will certainly not be bored when using this application.


Thanks to ToonApp, you can create fun moments for yourself and your friends with funny pictures. It is so wonderful! If you love caricatures and want to create them, download and try ToonApp right now!

ToonApp MOD APK 2.5.7 (Pro Unlocked) Download
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